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Praise for John Davis Marshall

What can I say about brother John Davis Marshall, faithful slave for the God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham? John can understand the hidden depth of one’s internal spiritual needs along with seeing their external perception on life and therefore is able to instrumentally understand what the correct set of religious principles are applicable to that individual’s life dilemma. His sole objective is to help any soul that’s seeking spiritual enlightenment while navigating through the perils of life. Through his use of his extensive godly knowledge and biblical wisdom, John has recently helped me come out of a dark place in my life and has equipped me with a compass of spiritual, moral tools that I will forever retain and apply while navigating the unknown roads of life.  — D. Washington



I was in a place in my life where I had no clue as to what path I wanted to go down as far as residual income was concerned. John Marshall helped me to tap into an area that I thought was dormant for years. He also coached me into getting into my own personal business. I can say John Marshall is truly an influential coach and is extremely passionate about helping others. I am grateful for his guidance and expertise.  — A. Gaudin

Highly Recommend!
I was initially drawn to John Marshall because of his successful track record with both church planting and existing church growth. The wisdom he shared at a recent gospel meeting for our congregation exceeded my high expectations.  

As a teacher, John Marshall blessed us with his ability to apply deep spiritual insights to practical living. While the gospel is at the core of each of his messages, he does not neglect topics relevant to everyday life including finances, relationships, business, personal growth and development. During the week, I absorbed numerous tips for improved ministry effectiveness.

I also benefited from John Marshall’s expertise as a relationship builder.  He shared personal evangelism strategies with me as we interacted with the local community. He is also a master “connector” of people. Many of the godly men that John Marshall has introduced me to during our short times together have greatly aided me in my ministry. - S. Bradshaw


John has come to speak with us as a group weekly, made appointments with each of us individually, and made us feel understood. John has been in that same situation and knows how to communicate by really looking at what you are doing. He makes you think about WHY you are feeling the way you are and shares techniques to produce positive thoughts/feelings!


John's delivery is calm, yet direct with well-thought-out reason.  He is resourceful and always gives the highest level of honest feedback and direction.  He has helped me focus on what is important in my career and personal life.  I recommend you start with John Marshall if you are looking for a coach to take you or your group to the next level.  — D. Pierce



I have been training with John Marshall for a couple of months. Since our first session, I’ve discovered a new passion for real estate. At first, I was reluctant to make cold calls and walk up to strangers to start a real estate conversation; and now that fear has subsided. I loved the session on managing your time wisely. I didn’t realize how much I procrastinated until I sat down to create my schedule. Now, I make a list of items I should accomplish for the day and prioritize my list. As I mark off my completed items, I don’t get stressed about the things I didn’t complete, and I see the items I did complete as goals I’ve accomplished for the day. I look at the tools John Marshall gives me as invaluable to my real estate career and they continue to give me the courage to move forward!  — M. Jackson                                                                                                                 



John Marshall has been such asset to my business! Within a month, I had secured a listing and two half-million-dollar buyers. Although I loved the quick business, I really needed help learning how to serve my new clients. John quickly answered my questions, discussed contracts with me, helped me understand my options regarding negotiations, and offered further resources to improve my skills. Even when I knew he was busy, he still tried his best to make time for me when I needed help; and he did so with a sincerity that is often void in the business world. 


I have learned how he diligently worked to become successful. His enthusiasm for the business is certainly contagious. I have sat in several of John’s classes, benefitting from each in different ways. Some of the insights he has provided are: speaking skills, cold calling, time management, business goals, and client retention.


John is well respected, has a positive attitude, is genuine, knowledgeable, and he always encourages others to be successful.  I highly recommend his coaching skills!  — C. Howard


John Marshall's Life Coaching and Mentoring program gave me the tools and motivation needed to recognize and achieve my goals. I implemented this in the daily use of effective communication skill in my business, and personal life as well. I wouldn’t think of maintaining my nonprofit, business, or personal life without the added insight, objective, perspective, and enthusiastic support of the lessons. The John Marshall Life Coaching and Mentoring program is a detailed program that equipped me with what was needed to be a successful business leader, professional, executive, and entrepreneur. Mentoring and accountability is powerful enough to assist you in taking your life, career, or business to the next level.


John has the ability to view things in a different light as well as shed new light on difficult situations. Acting as a sounding board through tough decisions, it also helps to sharpen skills and motivate you to obtain an accountability partner during and after completing the program.


Through this extensive program, there are two powerful lessons that I use daily as I continue to walk in the divine destiny that is for me: One was to evaluate the message and not focus on the messenger; and Two, do not allow someone’s negligence to become my emergency. 


I would recommend this program to all who have been doing the same thing and receiving the same results that keep them standing stagnant with no advancement in sight. Stop talking about a change and make a change today by contacting John Marshall. I did.  — A. Cleveland



John Marshall embraced me at a time when I was off track and made me feel supported as he guided me with wisdom and compassion. He has impacted my life by helping me build the confidence and functional knowledge to create change in my life. — M. Jackson



Indeed, it was a turn-around time and I credit his relationship for pointing me in the direction at a time of particular need. He is indeed for me a Life Coach and Coach for a Lifetime! — M. Dublin



God used the wisdom of John Marshall to help me reach my fullest potential through his incredible teaching. I am truly a better man, husband, mentor, and minister because my life was tremendously impacted by the training and coaching of John Marshall. — B. Jones


John has been instrumental in helping me to grow personally and grow my business professionally. He has always been able to help me build the stamina needed to fuel the system and strategy that brings success. Thank you, John. You are worth every $100.  — D. Truth



I have listened to quite a few motivational speakers: Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Lisa Nichols, Iyanla Vanzant, Dave Ramsey, Zig Ziglar, etc., However, John Marshall is one of the best motivators I have ever heard and read.  He has a great mind and a big heart, and he knows how to uplift your spirit and set one on the path of discovery and success.  Every time I have spoken to him, I have a plan to work on to improve my outlook on life and have been inspired to work on my goals and complete them.  His own great accomplishments indicate that he, himself, exhibits the same work/life principles in his own life and shares them with others.  — T. Wright


John Marshall’s Life Coaching Program has impacted my life tremendously. Through his program, it has helped me to succeed in areas that were very challenging. He has provided knowledge and built confidence that I use daily. Your ideas and suggestions have helped me in building better relationships. Thank you, John Marshall, for imparting your leadership skills, business skills and Biblical knowledge in me. I can really see a difference in my life through your teaching and instruction. John, continue to motivate and impart your wisdom and knowledge to others.  — B. Mosley