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Your life’s exposures, experiences and interpretations contain therapeutic and redemptive value. When they are collected in a book, they start living in the lives of others throughout eternity.


Through writing, you can safely tell your story. Your peers will greatly respect and admire you when they read your polished publication. And the purchasing public will provide for you with an additional stream of income.


You have been thinking about writing a book? You have been trying to figure out where and how to start? Thanks for letting me help guide you.


In 1991, when I was pursuing a Masters Degree at Memphis State University, now the University at Memphis, I wrote a research paper “Single Parenting Stimulates A Positive Family Networking Among Black Families.” The University selected my

research paper as one of three papers to be presented at the Graduate Research Symposium. PhD students who were completing their doctoral studies wrote the other two research papers.


Yet, I still need a coaching mentor. Dr. Kenneth Gilmore, Sr. served as my writing mentor. For years, he coerced and coached me to write. After much agony, I reluctantly began.


I published my first book in 2003. It is a strong seller even today, after being on the market for 15 years.


Since then, I have written 15 more. Each one has become financially profitable on an average of within 12 months of being published. You see, I have been successfully writing for a number of years.


In addition to nurturing hundreds in their writing, more directly I have performed some part in coaching and/or publishing for:

  • Williams, Steve The Master’s Call

  • Harris, Loyd The Hour Has Come

  • White, I. V. This Is My Story

  • Leonard, Minnie This Old House (Poems)

  • Cleveland, Aretha Talking Faith Walking Fear

  • Cleveland, Aretha My Foundation Is Cracking I Need A New Contractor

  • Cleveland, Aretha Be Free

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