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About the Books

Essential truths that lead to passionate happiness

God guarantees the successful existence of believers. He wants to show us a life that is far greater than anything we have ever imagined. We must learn, however, to put Him first in order to realize our full potential.  This new series—Faith, Family, and Finances—
unleashes the key principles of faith, honor, and good stewardship that will help lead you to the life that God intended!  Allow God to commune with you.

A practical message to get us out of the painful mess we are in

This honest and straightforward book communicates passionately and forcefully about the process we as believers can overcome the sin problem that disrupts harmony between believers, the world, and God Himself.  These honest words will help you to see the areas in your own life where you, too, can bring repentance and restoration. "Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem so that we will no longer be a reproach" (Nehemiah 2:17).


Who He Is Will Change Your Life

Whether you've been a Christian for 20 minutes or 20 years, this book will help you learn more about our magnificent God. The ancient Athenians erected an altar for their unknown god. They thought that God was far away and beyond knowing. How wrong they were - but do we possess the same lack of understanding about who God is and what He has done for us?  Scripture declares, "He is not far from each one of us" (Acts 17:27). Maybe if we would personalize Him, calling Him "My God," as did the apostle Paul, we could overcome that handicap.  Packed with more than 1,100 scripture references, this book will help you develop a deeper and more personal relationship with God that you have always wanted.


Go ahead and ask Him for a date

"This book will challenge you and confront the accepted answers to this question, "What is dating?"  In a step-by-step manner, this book takes dating out of the emotional realm and places it firmly in the intellectual realm, allowing two people to become friends before becoming lovers.

This book provides a pattern for "seven intellectual dates" that will help any young woman go through an intentional dating process that will answer the question, "Is this the man for me?"



Prayers that God Always Answers [including a 50-day addiction recovery guide] God, Listen! will unlock the door to answered prayers. You have wondered if God listens to you when you pray, now you can know. You have wondered why your prayers aren't answered, now you can know. The fact is that God may not be answering your prayers. However, the truth is that God answers prayer.

  • Take charge of your prayer life and begin to pray the type of prayers that avail much.

  • Capture the heart of God as you present your petitions to Him.

  • Stop the enemy in his tracks as you prayerfully consider each situation and decision you are faced with.

  • Live in the bounty promised by the heavenly Father.


7 exercises that build economic strength

Is it time for you to get out of debt and take control of your finances? God has a plan for your finances - and so does the devil. This valuable book will teach you seven strategic exercises to help you discover God's plan for your finances and build economic strength. Learn how to:

  • Experience financial freedom and alleviate financial stress.

  • Develop a plan to take control of your finances.

  • Pay off your debt and avoid the debt trap in the future.

  • Teach godly financial principles to your children and grandchildren.                                                                                                                                  

If debt and bad financial attitudes have kept you in bondage for too long, it is time to break those chains. This book will help you to do that once and for all. Show Me the Money will transform those who want to make financial changes in their lives.


You asked? God Answered.

You have questions that no one has taken the time to answer. You should have already asked, but now someone has asked for you. Praise God for inquisitive people. Long before you asked, God had already answered. Together, let us see what God has said.

God answered. Others asked, we learned. Yes, Final Answer contains answers that God had already given to questions that you have always wanted to ask.



Success is a God idea, and He designed you to be successful in

every area of your life—social, economic, spiritual, emotional, in

your family, on your job, in school, and more. This book will help

you to:


  • learn how God has empowered you for success

  • appropriate God’s fundamental principles that lead to success

  • deal with the obstacles on the road to success

  • help others find success


Warning: This is not a feel-good, name-it-and-claim it book. It is about God’s

perspective of success that He has given to us. The pages you are about to

read will take you to the valley of despair and show you success there. They

will take you to the mountaintop and show you success there. They will take

you to the norms of everyday living and show you success there. If you put

these principles to work in your own life, you will find success—because

success is more than just a good idea. Success is a God idea.


Your tongue is the most powerful member of your body. You must learn how to unleash your greatest power, so that it becomes a constructive force rather than a destructive force. Yes, you have so much power in your words. You can declare your destiny by honoring these spiritual laws:


  • Your spoken words program your life for life.

  • Your spoken words speak blessings into your life.

  • Know who is the God of your tongue.

  • Know what is the tongue of your God.

This book will help you speak gracefully so that you can get what you want.


Is worship an “any and every thing goes” just as long as it comes from the heart? Does God want His people to worship on the Sabbath or on Sunday, to observe the Lord’s Supper every week or randomly, or stand up and clap our hands, or to sit down and sing quietly? Does God want one song leader or multiple song leaders, bassing into the microphone or no bassing into the microphone? Does God have a preference? 

Hallelujah investigates the principles and practices of Scripture and locates insights that lead toward an understanding of the true essence of worship. Though Hallelujah definitively stakes a position on many of the issues, it does not claim to provide the final answer to every question. But even more valuable than answering every question, Hallelujah frames the discussion so that you can more accurately discover for yourself the God-intended truths concerning this vital subject.


There is no need to worry - a guide for the chronic worrier.

You know you're not supposed to worry - yet you do. You try to stop - yet you can't. Is there any hope?

God Knows we all have major issues to deal with in life, but the answer is not found in worrying. The cost of worrying is too high and worrying does nothing to solve the problems that keep us up at night. Is there a cure for worrying? Yes! In this insightful book, you will find out what that cure is.



Marriage produces some pain but celibacy produces no pleasure.


If you are on the verge and have the urge then merge.

Tying the knot while trying to not.

Marry the one you love and love the one you marry.

Elevate the pleasure in marriage and eliminate the pain of divorce.



God warned His people that they would always encounter relevant and renovating adversities (1 Timothy 4:1-2).  Fortunately, adequately warned and armed believers can maintain spiritual momentum in spite of adversities (Acts 6:7).

Church Matters seeks to frame a spiritual thought pattern/process.  You will begin/continue thinking about relevant issues that are present and will be in the near future significantly impacting our brotherhood. 

Church Matters seeks to begin/continue the dialogue between and among leaders/members about those relevant and impacting issues. 

Church Matters seeks to cause leaders/members to position/re-position themselves to minimize evil and maximize good as our brotherhood engages these relevant and impacting issues. 

Now Take.  Read.

Please allow Church Matters to transmit the passion from men of faith and ignite the flame within your heart that compels and propels you to carry the torch of spiritual renovation throughout your world. 



You will become angry, and you should become angry. But, even when you are angry, manage even your angry behavior. Therefore, you must manage even your anger behaviors. Yes, you must learn how to be both GOOD AND ANGRY at the same time. In order to remain good and angry, you must deliberately decide when you will be angry, and how you will respond when you are angry.



A man will HANDLE IT.


  • In a spiritual manner, a man handles life issues.


  • In a spiritually progressive manner, a man handles life issues.


  • In a spiritually progressive, masculine manner, a man handles life issues.



A man will train a boy how to HANDLE IT.


  • In a spiritual manner, a man trains a boy to handle life issues.


  • In a spiritually progressive manner, a man trains a boy to handle life issues.


  • In a spiritually progressive, masculine manner, a man trains a boy to handle life issues.


  • In a spiritually progressive, masculine manner, a man trains a boy to handle life issues in a spiritual manner.


  • In a spiritually progressive, masculine manner, a man trains a boy to handle life issues in a spiritually progressive manner.


  • In a spiritually progressive, masculine manner, a man trains a boy to handle life issues in a spiritually progressive, masculine manner.



Do you need to get your life back on track?

Are there too many entanglements within your life?

Has your life wandered off course? 

Are you unable to afford expensive counseling sessions? 

If you would like to get your life back on track and have access to economically affordable, regular fine-tuning in a non-threatening manner, then Called to be a Champion is for you. Called to be a Champion seeks to help you get your life on a progressive course and remain forwardly-focused toward the champion circle. 

God does not transform champions into champions; He transforms everyday people into champions. You are called to be a champion. This book is designed to help you coach yourself into the champion circle and experience that victorious life that God intended you to have.