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Meet John Davis Marshall


John Marshall is nationally known as the author of 16 books, media personality, and a Lifestyle Architect (life-coach). He has helped people to make life-impacting decisions for more than 40 years, worked in marketing and sales for more than 35 years, and invested in real estate for more than 30 years. John’s dedication to service and his work

ethic has enabled him to conduct more than 5,000 presentations in 190 cities, across 30 states. In his free time, he enjoys relationship consulting, motivational speaking, reading, writing, publishing, and thinking.


He is a native of Jackson, Tennessee. John is a farmer by birth, a bricklayer, and a concrete finisher by trade. His extensive knowledge and experience provide him a unique view of lifestyle trends through which he helps clients make the best decisions for their needs and desires. John prides himself on accountability, attention to detail, and personal service, which allows him to build lifelong relationships with his clients.


John has studied at Freed-Hardeman University (BS), Theological University of America (MA), University of Memphis, and Southern Christian University. His research paper, "Single-mothering Stimulates A Positive Family Networking Within Black Families" was selected and presented at the Annual Graduate Research Symposium at Memphis State University.


He is the CEO of the Solomon Society, a 501c3 Non-profit Corporation, developed to educate and nurture Individuals into the practical relevancy of the wisdom of God. Solomon Society provides life coaching through teaching, training, workshops, forums, seminars, support groups, and social media.